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Welcome to the Shire of Brookton website, where you can find information about Brookton, our Council and our Community.

Whether you are a community member or a visitor, we hope that you will find the information here relevant and useful to you.

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We Want You!!!

Would you like to be involved or have a voice for and on behalf of the Brookton Community?

The Shire of Brookton needs volunteers to be part of the Next Generation Brookton Innovations Pathway.

As part of the role, you will be reviewing and researching ideas and projects put forward by community members through the Book of Ideas. 

If you would like to become involved, nomination forms are available here or contact the Shire of Brookton if you require further assistance.

Local Government Election - Results 

The results of the Shire of Brookton's Local Government Election are posted below. 

Total Votes Polled
Sitting Term
Tamara LILLY 249 4 year term
Marilyn MACNAB 245 4 year term
Chris HARTL 220 4 year term
Neil WALKER 203 4 year term
Barry WATTS 143 2 year term
Sharon WILLIAMS 101
Harold BELL 88