CemeteryLocated on Sewell Street the Brookton Cemetery has been in use since 1908 and includes most denominations and a non-denominational section.

Services can be held in local churches, halls or on site - however note that there are no toilet or refreshment facilities at the Cemetery. Ask your funeral director to provide drinking water during the funeral.

Please contact Shire staff for additional information on:

  • purchase of graves for burials
  • sinking of graves and re-openings
  • permission to erect headstones, monuments or kerbing
  • interment of ashes
  • plot and niche reservations
  • plaques and vases


Burials are usually arranged through a funeral director and can be conducted on any day. Hand-filling can also be arranged.

Niche Wall

Niche WallThe Brookton Cemetery does not have a crematorium, however ashes can be interred in the Niche Wall.

Forms are available from the Shire staff.


Monuments can be installed one year after burial. A request is to be made in writing and the company constructing the monument usually does this. There is a fee, and monuments are to be approved by the Principal Works Supervisor.


Families may reserve up to 8 plots at a time – otherwise Council approval is required. All reservations must be paid for at time of reservation.


Application for right of Burial

Application to Reserve a Bural Right

Monument Works Application

Niche Wall - Application for Right of Burial

Niche Wall Plaque Application - Double Backing Plate

Niche Wall Plaque Application - Double Plaque

Niche Wall Plaque Application - Single Plaque

Fees And Charges

Cemetery Fees & Charges
Funeral Director's Lincence (Annual) $75.00
Single Funeral Permit $50.00
Application fo Monumental Mason's Licence $50.00
Interment Monday to Friday $642.30
Interment Weekend/Public Holidays/RDOs $936.30
Re-opening Grave with headstone (over & above interment charge) $388.60
Interment of Ashes in Grave $129.55
Purchase of Grant of Right of Burial (valid for 25 years) $129.55
Permission to Erect headstone $70.20
Exhumation fee $388.60
Application for Pre-Need Grant of Burial (valid for 25yrs) $129.55
Niche Wall
Interment single compartment  $129.55
Double compartment (1st interment) $253.70
Double compartment (2nd interment) $128.60
Ashes removal - exhumation $128.60
Reservation of Niche (Valid for 25 years) $128.60

For a listing of all grave sites in the Brookton Cemetery please follow the below link:

http://www.ozburials.com/CemsWA/waus.htm - and select the Brookton cemetery database.

Many thanks to Lorraine and Blue Larment who produced this comprehensive list free of charge.